Merger of RATTAY and SISON

Since September 1st, 2021 RATTAY and SISON go common ways.

All information for the product field Instrumentation as well as News and Updates are still available in the usual way under SISON!

Pipelines and Instrumentation

We perfectly combine our know-how of producing hoses and expansion joints with pipeline construction and instrumentation.

We plan and construct your individual pipelines and instrumentation panels, as well as manufacture them according to your required technical standards. By means of employing special 3D-bending-techniques, we bend your three-dimensional pipe elements according to your drawings or data.

For our activities in instrumentation we are distributor for products of HAM-LET. HAM-LET Group is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings for high-pressure-, temperature- and vacuum applications of ultra-pure gases and liquids. 

HAM-LET products are used worldwide in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemistry, (CNG), semiconductor, energy, food, biotechnology, pharmacy, defense, paper & pulp and mining industries. 

Competence for advanced technologies

We are your first point of contact for electro-polished and ultra-pure products such as pipes, fittings, valves and other components of instrumentation.

We produce ultra-clean pipeline-systems and modules for gases and liquids which are being used in semiconductor and biotechnology, in the pharmaceutical industry and in other highly advanced technology sectors. By means of employing techniques such as our orbital welding, ultrasonic cleaning and clean-room production, various technologies are available for the production of our ultra-clean products.

We provide Copy Exact- and End-Of-Life standards usual in the line of business, as well as industry- and customer-specific quality assurance processes by individual agreement.

All-In Solutions

Due to numerous joint applications and fields of use, our hoses, expansion joints, pipelines, instrumentation components and services can be combined successfully and purchasing synergies can be used efficiently. Rattay is your All-In solutions provider!